Keeping My Head Above Water


The past months, I’ve been swamped with so much work that I didn’t had time to post anything new here. Now that I’m taking a breather, I’m ending my long blogging hiatus and trying to be on top of things again. I’m on vacation in Asia as I write this, and I already feel recharged enough to resuscitate this little website project of mine.

To be honest though, I feel like I’m starting over again. And so, I thought that this post ought to be like the first one that I published here, which is a news round up about anything water. This is some sort of cocktail of topics with me just going with the flow of my thoughts. It’s kind of like I’m sharing random articles on social networks.

Water Everywhere

Speaking of keeping one’s head above water, it would definitely be difficult if water is all around you – literally. Last time I checked, North Carolina is still flooded because of Hurricane Matthew. The unofficial rainfall figures are shocking, from 8 inches in Raleigh to as much as 18 inches in Wilmington. Forecasters say that the state will continue to face dangerous situations for days due to the floods.

Lots of people – including a child and a woman – had to be saved from their vehicles as dangerous flash floods surprised a lot of North Carolinians. People were also driven from their homes as creeks and rivers overflowed. As of this writing, North Carolina officials reported that Hurricane Matthew took at least 10 lives in the state, while stranding as much as 1,500. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by the storm.

Moving With The Flow

On the lighter side of things, I’d like to share what I just read on the Daily Mail website. A new study have found that yoga is only a light exercise, and is just like doing the laundry or shopping. But that is for Hatha yoga only, which focuses on deep breathing and balance.


What I found interesting is the mention of water aerobics, a moderate exercise which I’ve been trying out lately. It’s not as light as Hatha yoga, but also not as intense as vigorous exercises such as swimming lengths. In other words, it’s just the way I like it. In the futre, I’ll probably post more about water aerobics so you might want to check back here if you’re interested.


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